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Individual Psychotherapy

If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety  or  experiences that are difficult to talk about,  having a safe place to explore your struggles can be the first step towards resolving lifelong problems.




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Couples Psychotherapy

If you or your partner are feeling stuck or perhaps caught in a locked cycle, Couples Psychotherapy offers a confidential and safe place for you to look at your relationship and get to the root of what might be making it problematic.




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Group Psychotherapy

People primarily learn about themselves and the world through social interaction.  If you would like to better understand yourself and improve your relationships, then a psychotherapy group might well be the best place to start.



Systemic Human Exploration

Whether facing one of life’s upheavals or simply feeling lost, Systemic Human Exploration is an innovative approach that combines psychosocial education with psychosensory exploration, to help you better understand what makes you human and support you in your daily struggles, dilemmas and conflicts. 

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Mediation is a way of resolving disputes without going to court. When two parties are unable to settle a dispute, they will often use a mediator who acts as a third neutral person who will work with the two parties in order to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.  

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