“It is especially important to consider this question today, for fragmentation is now very widespread, not only throughout society, but also in each individual; and this is leading to a kind of general confusion of the mind, which creates an endless series of problems and interferes with our clarity of perception so seriously as to present prevent us from being able to solve most of them."

David Bohm, Physicist

About Systemic Human Exploration

In these difficult times of increasing social isolation, economic hardship and heightened political unrest, it’s often hard to find peace of mind or a sense of connectedness.

Systemic Human Exploration responds to the question of what it means to be human in an increasingly ‘mad world’; addressing how psychotherapy can effectively support people from all walks of life in their daily struggles, dilemmas and conflicts, whether facing one of life’s upheavals or simply feeling lost.

Systemic Human Exploration is a multi-disciplinary and creative approach to addressing human problems. 

Drawing on pychoanalysis, group analysis, psychosocial-education and creative exploration, it is a powerful way of stimulating reflection and increasing self-awareness, understanding, acceptance and change.

To make it easy to engage with, it uses fun, flexible and non-prescriptive processes along with jargon free language. These include talks, reflective discussions, working with the body, artistic expression, play, music and meditation.

In exploring sometimes complex and challenging ideas about what it means to be human, systemic human exploration doesn’t lose sight of the importance of keeping the work simple, safe and sometimes even humorous.

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